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Les formations sociales en transformation : l'affaire de tous ?

19 November 2014 - 20 November 2014
Paris - Eurosite Saint Ouen
Organized by:

In a context where the articulation of the social work education with social policies is growing : the architecture of SW training is interrogated , the social work is refounding , the role of actors tends to change .

Beneficiaries of social intervention , bearing special knowledge, are now involved in the construction of responses to social issues , with social professionals and trainers.

Social formations in transformation : everybody's business ?

This is the title of the Biennale UNAFORIS 2014.

It will therefore aim to promote the exchanges between actors - party stakeholders around social formations : practitioners training throughout long life learning , students, researchers , academics, people who live or have experienced situations of vulnerability , professional social sector , employers, government, local authorities , etc. .

This third biennial aims in particular to enhance the knowledge and work platforms, training institutions and social intervention of national and international actors.

First Postqualifying Symposium in Social Work, Athens, Greece. 7-8 November 2014. 'Welfare State in Crisis: challenges and prospects for Social Work'

07 November 2014 - 08 November 2014
First Postqualifying Symposium in Social Work, Athens, Greece. 7-8 November 2014.  'Welfare State in Crisis: challenges and prospects for Social Work'
Conference Center of Technological Educational Institute TEI of Athens
Contact name:
Ch. Asimopoulos
Organized by:
Department of Social Work
Call for papers deadline:
07 November 2014

We are pleased to announce and invite you to the 1st Post – Qualifying Symposium in Social Work with European participation "Welfare state in crisis: Challenges and prospects for Social Work". It will be held on 7 and 8 November at the Conference Center of Technological Educational Institute TEI of Athens. PROGRAM and presentation of Sue Lawrence EASSW 's President
The Post-Qualifying Symposium is hosted by the Department of Social Work of Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens in collaboration with the European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW) and the Greek Association of Social Workers (SKLE). It is designed for Social Workers (professionals and students) as well as professionals from other disciplines in social and human sciences.
The Symposium aims to trigger the development of a debate on social reality, social policy, social welfare and Social Work in the period of crisis. These issues will be discussed in seven Sessions, specifically related to social policy, immigrants/refugees, critical and radical approaches, addictions, socially vulnerable groups and programmes tackling social exclusion, the self-organized forms of social solidarity as well as rights, discrimination and ethics in Social Work.
Therefore, in this Symposium, academics and professionals from Greece and other European countries will share and analyse their knowledge and experience in relation to the impact of the crisis and the prospects for Social Work.
It is noted that the attendance of the Symposium is free. Moreover, simultaneous translation of foreign language speeches will be offered and certificates of attendance will be given.
With appreciation on behalf of the Department of Social Work, TEI of Athens

The Head of the Department
Ch. Asimopoulos, Assistant Professor of Social Work

Call for expressions of interest from Universities in hosting 2017 EASSW Conference

01 June 2014 - 30 October 2014

Organized by:
Call for papers deadline:
30 October 2014

Call for expressions of interest from Universities in hosting 2017 EASSW Conference
1 June 2014

Dear Colleagues,
The European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW) is seeking expressions of interest from Universities in hosting the 2017 EASSW conference for social work educators, practitioners, service users and students. The overall focus on the conference will be social work education. More specific themes will be developed together with the host. The conference is planned to take place in Spring or early Summer 2017. Specific dates will be discussed with the organizer. The conference is expected to attract 300–500 participants and would take place in a university setting keeping the cost down and thereby making it possible for more people to attend.

Please send expressions of interest to Sue Lawrence, President of EASSW by 30th of October 2014 ( Include a brief description of the facilities that could be used (lecture theatres, seminar rooms, student accommodation, hotels etc) and details of the hosting committee composition as well as a very preliminary budget. These suggestions will serve as a point of departure in the discussions regarding the focus and organization of the conference.

Best regards
Sue Lawrence
President of EASSW

“Research and social work practice- mutually beneficial endeavour or uneasy bedfellows?”

13 October 2014 - 14 October 2014
Fielder Centre, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Contact name:
Professor Brian Littlechild
Organized by:
European Research Institute for Social Work (ERIS)

This conference will examine the ways in which social work practice across Europe has been and can be enhanced by research- and vice versa.

It will examine this issue from theoretical, methodological and ethical perspectives, and will include a number of presentations based on examples of how research can benefit practice, and if so, in what ways.

There will be further paper presentation sessions, and also 2 sessions in which we will consider the issues that arise in workshops.

Themes to be covered will include:
  • Why is social work research important- and for whom?
  • What are the aims of social work? How can these be enhanced by research, and what have been the tensions and positive effects in this relationship?
  • What are the most effective types of research for social work, and why?
  • What outcomes are we looking for? How do we measure these, if at all?
  • How can we best combine the interests and best elements of research and practice, and by what means, to increase effectiveness?
  • How has research aided in the positive development of social work?
Professor Brian Littlechild
School of Health and Social Work,
University of Hertfordshire,
College Lane,
AL10 9AB, UK
Tel.: 0776 420 9013

"3rd International Forum in Social Work Science and Innovation in Social Work: Challenges for 21st Century"

06 October 2014 - 09 October 2014
PORTO - Business school - Portugal
Contact name:
Glória Morais
Organized by:
ISSSP/ISCTE- IUL social work department

Therefore, we would be willing to organize an International Forum of Social Work open to national, european and international universities. The main aim of the event is to define research strategies in Social Work within the framework of the artificial sciences.
  • To constitute Social Work as a scientific discipline, adopting an epistemology of practice as a driving source of research focused on overcoming problems and on social transformation;
  • To discuss the meaning of science and scientific research in the field of social work;
  • To create research protocols that favor the discovery of ways to intervene compatibly with the variety and specificity of human problems;
  • To build rigorous criteria of practices assessment, so that they may acquire a degree of structuring and formalization compatible with the operations of scientific validation.

OPORTO 2014 – Social Sciences: Diversity and Unity-

17 July 2014 - 20 July 2014
OPORTO 2014 – Social Sciences: Diversity and Unity-
OPORTO - Potugal
Organized by:
SSPC Summer Conference in partnership with Capacitar +

The 2014 Summer Conference of the Biannual International Conference For Social Sciences Debate will be held (in partnership with Capacitar +) on July 17-20, 2014 in Oporto, Portugal. This conference will offers a real opportunity to bring together professors, researchers and students of different disciplines, discuss new issues, and discover the most recent development and trends in social science.

Following the goals of the SSPC, this Summer Conference intends to be a space for reflection on the social sciences taking into account the interrelations between different disciplines and pathways of social science, not forgetting, however, the specificities and peculiarities of each discipline in order to allow more holistic and comprehensive approach to contemporary society.
Access to the web site

Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development 2014

09 July 2014 - 12 July 2014
Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development 2014
Melbourne Australia

The conference theme is ‘Promoting Social and Economic Equality: Responses from Social Work and Social Development’. The focus is on the intersection of the many factors that promote equality for all people within our diverse contexts around the world. Deadline for abstracts 18th of October.

DARE 2014: Decisions, Assessment, Risk and Evidence in Social Work

01 July 2014 - 02 July 2014
DARE 2014: Decisions, Assessment, Risk and Evidence in Social Work
Templepatrick, Northern Ireland

Decision making is of crucial importance to the social work profession. Lives and liberty depend on decisions undertaken in crises and high risk situations. Daily we support clients in more mundane, everyday, risk-taking decision making. Professional judgments and recommendations have to be based explicitly on evidence and sound reasoning, utilising robust assessment tools and collaborative (and sometimes contested) decision making processes. There are challenges in creating, synthesising and using best evidence to inform social work policy and practice.

This biennial DARE conference series brings together researchers, educators, policy makers and senior practitioners to share developments on these related topics of decision-making, assessment, risk and the creation and use of evidence. The conference series aims to promote collaborative research, organisation development and teaching initiatives to improve professional knowledge and skills for the ultimate benefit of clients, families and society.

Third International Conference on Practice Research New York

09 June 2014 - 11 June 2014
Third International Conference on Practice Research New York
New York, USA

A persistent metaphor for linking social work research and practice is "building a bridge". However, prevailing strategies for doing so come closer to "digging a pipeline"-- with all knowledge flowing from academic researchers to social work practitioners and ultimately to the people who use social work services. But real bridges support two-way traffic, and social work knowledge-building should do the same.

The purpose of the conference is to promote innovative, flexible and truly collaborative practice-research strategies that engage academic researchers and social work practitioners in a productive dialogue rather than a conflict over research-based "versus" practice-based knowledge-development paradigms. It is intended to bring our most inventive national and international thinkers together to learn from each other rather than to set them apart.

The callenges of living in poverty and experience of maltreatment on children's future

05 June 2014
Padova, Italy

 See more information here.

2014 FESET Seminar:Interdisciplinary Education and Research & Interprofessional Practices in Social Education

08 May 2014 - 10 May 2014
2014 FESET Seminar:Interdisciplinary Education and Research &  Interprofessional Practices in Social Education
Turku, Finland

The 2014 FESET Seminar will be held in Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) - FINLAND on 8-10 MAY 2014.
This year we will be focusing on Interdisciplinary Education and Research & Interprofessional Practices in Social Education.
You are invited to submit your abstract to the Seminar in accordance with the suggested approaches.
Submission of Abstracts deadline is Jan 31, 2014.

The Welfare State in Portugal in the age of austerity

09 May 2014 - 10 May 2014
Lisbon Portugal

 More information here.


23 April 2014 - 25 April 2014
Murcia Spain

4th European Conference for Social Work Research “Private troubles or public issues? Challenges for social work research

15 April 2014 - 17 April 2014
Bolzano Italy

The 4th conference of a major annual series, previously held at Oxford, Basel and Jyväskylä, will bring together researchers and research users across Europe and internationally to exchange research ideas, findings, developments and applications. The conference aims to strengthen the scientific bases of social work: it provides an arena for researcher, practitioners, educators and policy makers to disseminate and discuss knowledge which is relevant to social work theory and practice and social policy.

The 9th National SWAN conference

11 April 2014 - 12 April 2014
The 9th National SWAN conference
Durham, UK

n the context of savage cuts in public sector funding, ever increasing social work managerialism and stigmatization of service users, this conference will provide an important opportunity to debate ways of developing networks of resistance necessary to defend social justice-based social work and oppose the politics of austerity. This conference will mark the 10th anniversary of the publication of the “Manifesto for a new engaged practice”, the founding document of the Social Work Action Network.

This year’s conference will provide a forum for social work practitioners, academics, service users, students and activists to discuss:
- Defending good social work practice and promoting social justice-based approaches in times of austerity.
- The impact of austerity and development of alternatives.
- Building critical alliances in defence of social work and social justice.
- History of radicalism in Social Work.
- 10 years from the publication from the “Manifesto for a new engaged practice”: the emergence of new radicalism and future directions for the Social Work Action Network.
- Social movements and international social work.
- Developing a progressive pedagogy in social work education.