Links - European

  • AIEJI International Association of Social Educators

  • Combined European Bureau for Social Development (CEBSD)
    The CEBSD is a non-governmental European umbrella organisation which brings together a variety of partners from a dozen countries both inside and outside of the European Union. CEBSD members actively promote social and community development. The emphasis is on people working together - collective action which is anti-discriminatory and which seeks to bring about individual and social change.
  • Concil of Europe News
    Since the European Association of Schools of Social Work is one of our collaborating institutions, and in the expectation that your members, audience and institutional partners might be interested in keeping up to date with Council of Europe news, we would like to invite you – free of charge - to link to «The Journal» on your website
  • conference of INGO's - Council of Europe
    The Council of Europe’s work benefits extensively from contacts and co-operation with the dynamic elements of society, as represented by NGOs. One of the main challenges currently facing the Organisation is to strengthen NGOs and civil society and to develop participatory democracy on a pan-European basis.
  • Council of Europe
    The Council of Europe, covers virtually the entire European continent, with its 47 member countries. It seeks to develop throughout Europe common and democratic principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights and other reference texts on the protection of individuals.
  • European Centre for Community Education (ECCE)
    The fundamental task of the ECCE is to further the concept of Europe as a social community through the promotion of activities which will facilitate the comparison of existing models, and the possible development of new models of community education. In this context the term community education is used to include the fields of social work, community work, youth work, work with disadvantaged people and other related educational activities.
  • European Conference for Social Work Research (ECSWR)
    Organises the annual conference for social work research.
  • European Journal of Social Work
    The European Journal of Social Work provides an international forum for the social professions, in which diverse and developing traditions in the discipline and practice of social work can be shared, compared and celebrated. It analyses and promotes, in a critical, informed and independent manner, European and international developments in social work, social policy, social service institutions, and strategies for social change.
  • European Network for Occupational Social Workers (ENOS)
    The objective of ENOS is to give Occupational Social Workers in Europe the opportunity to exchange experiences, expertise, skills and ideas on occupational social work, honouring the members own cultural background
  • European Network for Social Action (ENSACT)
    An umbrella organisation of European Associations for social professionals. ENSACT organises the biannual European Social Work Conference.
  • European Union (EU)
    The European Union is a unique economic and political partnership between 27 European countries. It is a huge single market and has now evolved into an organisation spanning all areas, from development aid to environmental policy. The EU actively promotes human rights and democracy, and has the most ambitious emission reduction targets for fighting climate change in the world. Thanks to the abolition of border controls between EU countries, it is now possible for people to travel freely within most of the EU. It has also become much easier to live and work in another EU country.
  • Formation d'Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training (FESET)
    FESET (Formation d'Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training) is a European association of training centres for socio-educational care work.
  • Movisie – the Netherlands centre for social development.
    Movisie is the Netherlands centre for social development. Our mission is to promote the participation and independence of citizens. We do this by supporting and advising professional organizations, volunteer organizations and government institutions in the field of welfare, care and social development.
  • Power Us
    PowerUs is an international network of teachers and researchers from schools of social work and representatives from different service user organizations. PowerUs develops methods of mutual learning in order to change social work practice to be more effective in supporting the empowerment of marginalized and discriminated groups in society. PowerUs consists of partners from Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
  • The European Social Work Research Association (ESWRA)
    The European Social Work Research Association (ESWRA) was founded in 2014 to create a hub for social work research development, collaboration and exchange across Europe. Arising from overwhelming levels of engagement in the European Social Work Research Conference, the Association now has over 250 members from across more than 28 countries.

    ESWRA’s vision is to take forward the development, practice and utilization of social work research to enhance knowledge about individual and social problems, and to promote just and equitable societies.
  • United Nations, Geneva Office
    The United Nations in the heart of Europe.